manhole 2.png

An Art Deco Manhole Cover

Main Ideas:

1. What is a Rotation?


  • rotation

  • centre of rotation

  • object

  • image

  • angle of rotation

  • invariant

  • clockwise

  • anti-clockwise

  • half turn

Use the online maths dictionary and write definitions of the words above when doing a reflection.
Link to Online Maths Dictionary

Note: It is important when describing a reflection to refer to the location of the mirror line (which must also be shown).

2. Doing rotation by hand

3. Doing a Rotation using Geogebra

4. My Geogebra for Rotation

5. Exercise:

  1. Click on the links below to see photos of art deco objects.

  2. Find the centre of rotation in the following.

  3. Describe the rotation using the correct language.

1. art deco 9.jpg

2. 378232994_8f8569c991_m.jpg

3. art deco 26.jpg

art deco 37.jpg

5. art deco 64.JPG